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Spend $100 or more on Charlie Bears in the month of February and receive a free Boyd’s Treasure Box. If you spend $150 or more in February, I’ll include a free Cheeky Charlie Keyring with your purchase.

All the Charlie Bears for 2018 are currently posted. I have turned off the ordering feature because the bears are not in stock. If you would like to preorder any bear and, when you click on the bear’s picture, the item description doesn’t indicate that the bear is sold out, please send me an email at and I will add your name to the preorder list.

Interesting Finds

We specialize in limited edition dolls, bears and other collectibles.

If you wish to be notified when new items come into stock, please e-mail me. But please remember that you will receive notification of everything that comes in that day regardless of whether you collect dolls or bears.

If you wish to use our lay-away plan, please e-mail me.

We will need to confirm the availability of anything that is listed as “Special Order.” Please be patient; depending on the time you make your request and the location of the company whose product I need to check, this may take 24-48 hours.

All items that are on sale will incur shipping charges as will orders outside the continental US.

If an item is indicated as being “in stock” but with no number of pieces in stock, I’ll need to verify that I actually still have the item in stock.  If I have the item in stock, I probably won’t have more than one or two pieces of the item.  So please do not order multiples.

I will be moving my warehouse starting 10/1 so please be patient, your order will be filled as soon as possible.  We will be filling orders on Wednesday and on Saturday or Sunday once the move starts so please plan accordingly.  Inventory will also be updated at this time.