Sorry, we are no longer doing international shipping.




PLEASE NOTE: Effective January 1, 2003, the following lay-away policy will be in effect:

$100-$500, 3 months allowed
$500 and over, 6 months allowed

A deposit equal to 25% will be required. The balance due will be divided by the months to be held in lay-away. In addition, there will no longer be free shipping on lay-aways.

Anyone who doesn’t make a payment on their lay-away within 7 days of the payment due date is subject to having the lay-away canceled at my discretion. If a lay-away is canceled, a 20% restocking fee will be assessed and the balance of any payments that have already been made will be treated as a store credit. Items on sale cannot be put on lay-away. Only one item at a time may be put on lay-away.  Anyone who is consistently late on their layaway payments without communicating with me in advance and getting an ok to be late,  will be required to have a credit card on file for the payment.  If the payment is not made within 48 hours of the due date, I will charge the payment to the card on file.

Anyone who goes to the trouble of picking the face on a bear and having me send an invoice and then refuses to pay the invoice within 48 hours is subject to having the invoice canceled plus all preorders will be canceled. I give approximately 2 weeks notice of when I am expecting a bear. Once you pick a face, you can pick a day within a 7 day period to get the invoice. For example, I send pictures on a Saturday or Sunday but you need to wait until Friday for payday. No problem, I can send the invoice on Friday. If you totally ignore the pictures I send, I will skip you after 48 hours and send the pictures to the next person on my list. It’s not fair to other customers to make them wait. If I have sent the pictures to everyone and you still haven’t responded, I will cancel your order and all preorders.



Any order over $100 that contains only full price merchandise, ships for free in the continental U.S.  The only exception to the free shipping policy on full price orders over $100 is when the items ship in an oversize box.  I am doing a split shipping arrangement on those items:  I pay half and the buyer pays half.  If the buyer requests I ship through a different service than the cheapest way, the buyer is responsible for the difference in the cost of shipping.  In stock items may be returned for store credit less the cost of shipping.  See return policy listed below. All other items are special orders and may not be returned. Any item on lay-away may not be returned. Any lay-aways that are canceled are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Any special orders that are canceled are subject to a 20% restocking fee.  Sale items incur shipping charges no matter the dollar amount of the order.  Invoices must be paid within 48 hours or the invoice will be canceled.

If there is a problem with an item, please notify me within 72 hours. I will handle the filing of any claims with carrier.

If you cancel more bears in dollar amount than you actually buy in a given year, I will not accept a preorder from you the next year without a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit. I also am no longer allowing people to transfer money they paid to a different bear. People in the BFC have 2 weeks to change their order. Everyone else has a week. Watch the live preview that CB typically does. I always send an order confirmation so people don’t forgot who they have preorders with. Also, if CB makes a material change, then you can make a change after you get your order confirmation. Material change is not a change to the color scarf a bear wears but is something like a change to the eyes. I cut my order for the 2023 bears back significantly. It’s simply not fair to my other customers to miss a bear because someone can’t make up their mind.

All invoices must be paid within 48 hours of viewing the invoice or they will be canceled and I will not refill the order.  I get a message when you view the invoice.  Any change that is made after I have sent the invoice, will result in the order being canceled at my discretion and I will not refill the order for you.  Too many people are refusing to pay the invoices that have been sent.   If you have not viewed the invoice in 48 hours, I will send you an email.  If you don’t respond to the email in 48 hours, I will cancel the invoice.



A pre-order/special order account will be set up for anyone ordering a new release that is not in stock and must be ordered from the factory or a current item that is not in stock. Your account will be charged a 30% deposit.  The remaining balance will be charged when the item is ready to ship.

A number of the new items are highly sought after and therefore I take preorders for these items.  Preordering will ensure that you get the doll or bear of your choice. When I take your order, this is your promise to honor your commitment to me and pay each bill on time. If for some reason someone does not pay for their preordered doll or bear, or cancels after the doll or bear has been received, they will have all orders deleted and will not be able to preorder from me again without payment in full being made at the time of preorder. DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER UNLESS YOU PLAN TO PAY FOR IT. A deposit of 30% is required on all preorders, 20% of which is non-refundable if you cancel the preorder. The remaining 10% is a store credit. I am sorry to have to institute this policy but I have had a number of people cancel orders recently after the item has come into stock. Please remember too on limited edition items that if you preorder something that means that someone else may not get the item so please only preorder if you absolutely want the item and plan on following through with the order.


Please notify me within 7 days if you wish to return an item that was in stock. Special orders and lay-aways are non-returnable. Only items that come from a non-smoking home and are still in their original condition are returnable. The item must be returned within 7 days of receiving the authorization to return it. You will receive a store credit for the return less the cost of the original shipping. You are responsible for the return shipping.  NO CASH REFUNDS; ONLY STORE CREDIT.


Due to the time involved and the large volume of cancellations when someone is told the cost of shipping, I am no longer shipping international orders.  All sale orders incur shipping charges even if they ship with non-sale items that are eligible for free shipping or if the sale items total more than $100.